Interesting Stuff from 2007

2007 was an extremely interesting year!

We learnt that the more species there are in an ecosystem the healthier it will be. Which is unfortunate when news also broke about the planets extinction crisis. We discovered some well known living things that are in trouble including tigers, elephants, polar bears, snow leopards, coral reefs, rain forests and our ancestors.

While many organisms struggled to survive some animals did amazing things. This wading bird flew 11,500 kilometers non-stop, this clam lived to the ripe old age of 405 and this possum slept for 367 days in a row. These squirrels wiped snake skins on themselves which is a lot better than these monkeys who wipe urine on themselves. Crocodiles cry when they eat their prey these spiders live underwater and these ones built a gigantic web. There was even a 2.5 meter scorpion fossil.

The environment was a focus of some great research this year. We found more proof that global warming is caused by humans. Humans have also caused an enormous pile of rubbish to form in the Pacific ocean. Global warming is causing the Arctic ice to melt, which is good for some but Greenland rising upward is probably good for no one.

Fortunately some people saw the silver lining to global warming. We also took some great steps to undo the damage we have caused to the planet – planting trees on your roof is a good thing to do and this museum is leading the way. Northern Ireland are doing their bit using tidal power and these scientists built a zero-emission research station. We even looked into using nuclear fusion or space based solar power to meet our energy demands.

There were some great things to look at in 2007. This picture of a star exploding was cool, this video of some killer whales trying to get a seal was amazing, while this shark vs octopus video ended in surprise. We learnt that chimpanzees have better short term memories than humans in this footage. This movie showing that babies can tell who’s mean and who’s nice was interesting, this clip was thought provoking and this clip was just plain cool.

We discovered that humans walk upright to save energy and there was a nasty case of lead poisoning. We learnt some great ways to get rich including selling some whale vomit or a truffle. We found out why the sky is dark at night and how Mount Everest got to be so big. 2007 even saw an ebola outbreak and a way to cure a brain freeze.

News that it is better to be chubby and fit than skinny and unfit was somewhat surprising. We discovered that attractiveness is all about your face and how you use it, but also that falling in love is probably not worth it, although if you are going to go mad it is probably a better way to go than missing out on sleep.

Scientists made some awesome things including this invisibility cloak, a space toilet and a magic carpet. They also made some interesting discoveries including a massive tail of a star, another reason to avoid smoking, important research on human height, and how mankind should stop earth being hit by an asteroid.

We learnt it all surfing the internet like this lady and hopefully we don’t get old and forget it too soon.

Yep, it sure was an interesting year!


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