Want a virtual haircut?

Illusions are great! They give us information as to how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Our brain processes information which makes us perceive something different to what is actually there. You have probably seen an optical illusion before. There are some here or here and this is a great one I saw for the first time today.

But auditory illusions, now they are things you don’t hear everyday. Get out your headphones (seriously, it works way better with headphones) and have a listen to this:

Cool huh! If you liked that there are more here or here.

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7 Responses to “Want a virtual haircut?”

  1. Alex N Says:

    That’s freaky but still good
    I dont like it as much as the octopus thingy squeezing through the glass case!!!
    that was just plain gross!!! 😀

  2. david Says:

    omg, im bald?

    • omg! Says:

      woooooowwwwww that was so awesome!
      and im thinking exact same thing as david! in the virtual world, i am now bald…?!?

  3. ellenn Says:

    thats intense

  4. Jazzy Says:

    Wow! when I heard the scissors near my head they actually tingled because I thought he was going to chop them off!
    Awesome as! 😀

  5. Will Macdonald Says:

    That is so trippy! especcially the part with the scissors
    really cool blog barlow i like the stuff, very interesting.
    i will stop by more often

  6. CK Says:

    Really cool mr Barlow

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