Think you’re pretty big?

Planet Earth is pretty big, it’s circumference is 40,075 km. For comparison it is way bigger than Mars (click the pictures to see bigger versions)!


But to put things in perspective here is Earth in relation to Jupiter and Saturn:


Not so big anymore huh. Now lets compare Earth to our Sun:


Feeling pretty small now I bet. Well lets keep going and compare our Sun to another star called Arcturus:


To really rub it in check out this image of the star Antares. It has a diameter of approximately 700 times that of the sun!


Still think your pretty big … YOU’RE WRONG!!!


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14 Responses to “Think you’re pretty big?”

  1. Lisa Petty (Leon H G's Mum) Says:

    This is pretty amazing stuff! I didn’t even know that there was a planet larger than the sun!

  2. Mr. Barlow Says:

    Glad you liked it Lisa.
    The Sun is a star not a planet though 🙂

  3. bart Says:

    Um, i thought because of radiation pressure that a star over 100 solar masses could not exist…it would tear itself apart

  4. John Says:

    Wow this is quite amazing, in science we are studying other solar systems and stuff like that.
    But i also agree with bart, technically it wouldent be a star right? or would it be a neutron star?
    I’m confused but this is an interesting topic 🙂

  5. Brandi Glenn Says:

    who do we think we are????

  6. Brandi Glenn Says:

    as hard as it is to comprehend how big and detailed it all is, God is even bigger,…the Bible says that he spoke it all into existence.. didnt even lift a finger….but He molded us with his intament….He is the star breather… HIS magnatude is beyond fathomable!!!!!
    Jesus loves you.
    think on that for a while… 🙂

  7. Mahesh Says:

    Latest info from encyclopedias and astronomy says that, the scaling provided for Antares(Alpha Scorpii) before is now the scaling for ‘Mu Cephei’. The scaling for Betelgeuse is 988 in diameter if considered for SUN = 1. Surprisingly, for Antares, it is now showing 800 with the same scaling. Maybe its sinking or changed the polar revolution. Nevermind. If really want to read about the giant, then go ahead and open the article for ‘VY Canis Majoris’. This is the largest star ever known. You guys can find it on ‘’. Check this out. If like to check out the pictured comparison, then go to ‘’.

  8. callum Says:

    are there even bigger stars than “Antares”?

  9. nicole Says:

    hey!! wow this is just absoultly amazing! tthere are jjust no word to describe how massive the other starts are!! (Betlegeuse, Antares)
    Do you think that there is another solar sysem in the galaxey that has another kind of planet like earth where there is life?!? i totaly believe that there is another Earth somewhere out there that no one knows about because it is just millions and trillions of light years away!!! so,, tell me what you think!!!! :0

  10. kink Says:

    so all of this was a accident “the big bang theory”.

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