World’s Longest Insect

The world’s longest known insect has just been unveiled. The stick-insect, whose scientific name is Phobaeticus chani, measures a whopping 56.7 centimetres. Hold your hands 56.7 centimetres apart and you’ll get a shiver down your spine! Check it out:

Although virtually nothing is known about the biology and ecology of this super-sized insect, it is thought that it probably lives in the canopy of the rainforest, making it especially hard to find. Read more here or here.


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3 Responses to “World’s Longest Insect”

  1. lakmi Says:

    v interesting blog.. 🙂
    keep it up

  2. GiacJr Says:

    we had one of those on our front door for about 2 weeks (NSW)..not that amazing lol

  3. jewsus Says:

    Squish it with a boot.

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