Interesting Stuff from 2008

I learnt heaps of interesting stuff during 2008!


I saw some amazing things! I saw a dolphin blowing smoke rings, a live volcano, a monkey teasing a tiger, an underwater wave, a real live jet man, the doorway to hell, a rainbow smiley, an unborn elephant, a crazy chemistry video about changing the way you speak, an awesome chemical reaction, and more videos about walking on waterinvisible water,  really cold water, a really, really cold balloon, hot ice, a sonic boom, a great movie about DNAone about cells, and finally some amazing cuttlefish clips!

I also had the greatest haircut of my life and saw the new king of the jungle crowned.

I watched my brother play in the Olympics which helped me learn why I am short sighted and why I smell so good. I also discovered why the opening ceremony was so great and why I have forgotten it.

I learnt that Usain Bolt is really fast (faster than a slow lightning bolt), but I also discovered that one day someone will be able to run faster. There was also a really cool world record set involving coke and mentos.

I learnt some really important things. Like the best way to get earwax out of your ears. The reason why you get white spots on your fingernails. Why clowns have red noses. How sandcastles stay together. How to stop crying over cut onions. That Earth is putting on weight and that our Sun is losing weight. That chewing gum can cause diarrhoea. And also why fizzy drink tastes better than flat drink.

I saw a crazy swimming spot. We discovered water on Mars. There was some concern that the world would end, but I discovered why it wouldn’t.

I learnt that animals like praying mantises and squid have really strange sex. Maybe even stranger is that human females prefer their men to have scars. But not having any scars didn’t worry me when I discovered how to make a good first impression. Something not so surprising was that intelligent men have better sperm and finches prefer smart mates.

I also read about a frog that breaks its legs … intentionally, a woman who swallowed 500 pennies, how butterflies remember what they learned as caterpillars, a HUGE squid dissection, and equally big sea-stars. I also saw elephant toothpaste and a really flexible octopus.

I was terrified when I saw this video about a meteor hitting Earth, and then one actually did. I also felt sad when I discovered just how small our planet is. I was concerned about a satellite falling back to Earth and was relived to see it blown out of the sky. Luckily I also discovered how to be happy, how to buy happinesshow to beat anxiety, how to reduce stress and how to ensure I never have any nightmares.

My dreams of becoming an astronaut were shattered when I discovered that astronauts have to drink their own urine. All probably due to the broken space toilets. Luckily I can still look at great pictures of Phobos.

I learnt about the damage that humans are causing to the environment. I learnt that the ocean is sick. That the Arctic is melting. That tigers numbers are dwindling. That penguins are in trouble particularly baby penguins. That glaciers are getting smaller and smaller. And that some droughts are really bad. The only upside appearing to be that waves around the world are about to get bigger. Luckily there are things we can do to fix our world. Like planting trees on our roof, planting shiny plantsfixing cow farts, using kites to power ships, building the biggest solar power plant in the world or a massive windmilleating kangaroo or laboratory grown meat or using fewer plastic bags.

I read that scientists can read my mind, give me an out of body experience and explain magic.

WOW – I sure learnt a lot! And in doing so I got on TV had 10,000 hits and then 100,000 hits.

What was the most interesting thing you learnt in 2008? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Interesting Stuff from 2008”

  1. Hawkheart Says:

    Uhh…thats A LOT!!!

  2. lakmi Says:

    wow… well i think the best thing that happened to me in 2008 is that i decided to take up writing again..
    it used to be my favourite past time when i was like.. 16..
    well.. now i’m 22 and back on it
    read my new short story and poem collection on
    Please don’t forget to leave behind a comment if u have time
    x o

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