A group of green and blue spirals

I like optical illusions, and this is no exception (click to enlarge):

coloured spiral illusion

You see embedded spirals of green, pinkish-orange, and blue right?

Incredibly, the green and the blue spirals are the same colour! The reason they look different colours is because our brain judges the colour of an object by comparing it to surrounding colors. In this case, the stripes are not continuous as they appear at first glance.

The orange stripes go through the “green” spiral but not the “blue” one. So without us even knowing it, our brains compare that spiral to the orange stripes, forcing it to think the spiral is green. The magenta stripes make the other part of the spiral look blue, even though they are exactly the same colour. Read more here and see more here. The stripes are actually both this colour:


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3 Responses to “A group of green and blue spirals”

  1. Hawkheart Says:

    *lifts open skull top and litterally scratches brain*

  2. Britt Gow Says:

    Hi Mr Barlow,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope you don’t mind if i add your blog as a link on my blogroll, under “Science teachers”. Your site is one that i would like to return to often, as you have many interesting science posts here. Keep up the great work!
    We are on two weeks school holidays here, so I have a lot more time to browse other people’s work and plan for the semester ahead. Perhaps you have a collaborative project in mind? I am planning units on the solar system, forces and biological control.
    Thanks again for making contact,
    Britt Gow

  3. Mr. Barlow Says:

    Hey Britt Gow,
    I live and teach in Melbourne so I have just started holidays too.
    A collaborative project sounds VERY interesting …
    You’ve certainly got me thinking.
    Mr. Barlow

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