Get your DNA sequenced on a budget

DNA sequencing is an extremely important tool in the fields of Genetics and Molecular BiologyThis article explains the complicated process quite well.


The Human Genome sequence was finished in 2001. That is 3,000,000,000 bits of information were decoded and put in order – a BIG job.

Interestingly, the first human genome cost billions of dollars and required an army of scientists, but now a trio of researchers has matched that feat for the price of a mid-range luxury car. Soon you’ll be able to get your entire genome sequence at the corner store for a buck. Reminds me of a movie I once saw. Read more here.

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3 Responses to “Get your DNA sequenced on a budget”

  1. Hawkheart Says:

    So, instead of getting an Audi, Volvo, Lexus, or Land Rover, I could get this done? I’ll take the Volvo, please.

  2. Mr. Barlow Says:

    When you put it like that …. me too !!

  3. A.F Martin Says:

    amazing, how the speed of technology is…..
    can’t wait when the time comin.

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