The Most Interesting Stuff from 2009

2009 was an extremely interesting year!

Some of the highlights included this awesome bunch of videos illustrating how amazingly massive our universe is. This interactive showing some teeny tiny little things was good too. None of them were as good a a free online movie called ‘Home‘ though.

These optical illusions were reallyreallyreally, really, really, really cool. And these chemical reactions were fantastic to watch, I particularly liked elephant toothpaste and the tabletop volcano … nearly as impressive as a real volcano seen from space.

Learning how stars die was interesting. It was great to hear of rain and see a lake on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. This eight month lightning storm on Saturn was cool, and I was reminded why it would be bad to live on Jupiter. In 2009 the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission was celebrated. We celebrated lift off, we celebrated Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and we even saw photographic evidence of various moon missions. Coincidentally, NASA decided they were going to fire a rocket into our moon. Then they actually did it! And as a result they found water. A cave was also discovered on our moon and the coldest place in our solar system was confirmed to be … you guessed it, our moon.

While looking upwards we also saw this meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere and a comet composed of human urine. Which was odd when you consider that astronauts are now required to drink their own urine in flight.

It was great to discover why pandas eat bamboo, that wallowing in mud is healthy, seeing a brand new ocean forming in Africa was great, and it’s nice to know why zombies are scary.

There were some really interesting animals in 2009, including this vicious underwater predator, one lizard that can walk on water and then another onea toad that can fall off a cliff and survive, a transparent butterfly, some awesome marine creatures and a TRULY AMAZING bait ball feast.

A few plants were interesting too. Like this apple with a split personality, this plant that eats live rats, this one that drinks urine, and I finally discovered why a tomato is really a fruit.

It was interesting to learn that the entire human race outside Africa owes its existence to the survival of a single tribe of around 200 people who crossed the Red Sea 70,000 years ago. Discovering that Albert Einstein had an unusually small brain was a bit weird. But no weirder than finding out that rubbing maggot juice on your wounds is a good thing. Watching bacteria replicate was terrific, and finding out about two substances harder than diamond was impressive.

There was a great deal of talk about a disease called swine flu in 2009, maybe everyone should have just smothered themselves in hippopotamus sweat.

Finding out that athletes, particularly basketballers, are better athletes if they are better looking was intriguing, and these crazy basketball shots were out of this world.

Finally, 2009 was extremely interesting for three more reasons:

  1. There is no love … only science!
  2. Winning the lottery does not give you health or even long term wealth!
  3. But, money can buy happiness, as long as you buy the right things. Not material possessions, but life experiences!

Have a great 2010 and I hope you stick around to keep learning “A Bunch of Interesting Stuff“.


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