Salmon vs Grizzly Bear

Alaska salmon lead a very interesting life.

Starting out as small eggs in a stream bed, they hatch and begin their journey downstream towards the ocean. They spend a couple of years in the streams and rivers growing to a juvenile stage. The young adult salmon then head out to sea and spend several years swimming in the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. Once they have fully matured, they will swim back to their original stream or river to spawn, or lay their eggs in the water.

Their upstream journey is a challenging one, swimming upstream against rugged rapids, leaping over rocky waterfalls, traversing fish ladders, avoiding fishermen nets and hooks, and staying clear of hungry bears.

So in the tradition of Killer Whale vs SealLion vs Buffalo vs CrocodileShark vs Octopus and Leopard vs Porcupine I bring you Salmon vs Grizzly Bear:

When salmon makes it past the bears they get ready to spawn. The female adult clears a spot in the streambed by sweeping her tail back and forth creating a gravel nest that is referred to as a redd.  She will then lay her eggs in this redd and the male adult salmon will fertilize and protect them until both salmon die within a couple of weeks and leave the embryos to fend for themselves. Read more here.

PS. I’m calling it a tie, the Bears and the Salmon both seem to win.


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