The environmentally friendly funeral

There are a lot of ways to deal with a person’s body after he or she is done using it. Their last remains can be buried, burned or donated to science. But one Swedish company has a different approach to sending people off to their final rewards. Freeze drying. Just like the liquid T-1000 in Terminator 2. It turns out to be one of the greenest ways to go.

The process involves chilling the body to around -18°C. Once it’s cold enough, it’s submerged in liquid nitrogen. As the body becomes colder, it gets more brittle. Once it’s brittle enough, it’s shocked with soundwaves that crumble it into powder.

The powder still weighs about as much as a human body, so the next step is removing the largest component of the human body; water. The powder is put in a vacuum chamber. Water boils instantly in a vacuum, so the water steams out of the body. With it goes about 70 per cent of the body’s mass. Weird! Read more here.



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