Are all the aliens hiding from us?

Every time a human civilisation has discovered a new land it has been very bad for that land’s inhabitants. Think about the impact Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America had on the native American Indians. Or the impact Captain James Cook’s discovery of Australia had on the Australian Aborigines. Basically, the people with the more advanced technology go in and take whatever they want. It’s not to great for the natives!

Now consider that our Milky Way galaxy may be home to at least two billion Earthlike planets.

At the moment mankind is doing a fairly good job of wiping out Earth’s resources. So what do you think mankind would do in the future if we discover a way to gather resources from another planet. If that planet has inhabitants that are less technologically advanced than ours I would guess that it would be bad news for the aliens.

So has ET evolved to be discreet? An evolutionary tendency for inconspicuous aliens would solve a nagging paradox – and also suggest that we Earthlings should think twice before advertising our own existence.

Unless the evolution of life is unique to Earth, there must be many intelligent species out there. So why have they neither phoned home nor been detected by us (thus the paradox)?

It’s plausible that there is a competition for resources on a cosmic scale, driving an evolutionary process between alien species on different planets. Advanced species, for example, might want to exploit other planets for their own purposes.

If so, the universe would be a violent place, and evolutionary selection may favour the inconspicuous – those who lie low on purpose, or who simply lack the skill or ambition to venture forth or advertise their existence.

Maybe we should start to hide too! Read more here.


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