Penguins are starving

Every year since 1979 scientists have tracked the feeding, breeding, and migrating patterns of penguins. During this time, the populations studied on the West Antarctic Peninsula and in the nearby Scotia Sea have declined drastically, and a few have gone extinct. The penguins are victims of a warming planet that deprives them of their sea ice habitat. The penguins are not only running out of room but they are also starving.

It appears the shrinking penguin population is due to the deaths of some baby penguins. After their parents leave them to fend for themselves, young penguins stand around before venturing into the sea to search for a decreasing number of krill. Without any guidance, their probability of encountering a krill and knowing what to do with it is very low. Some years, only 10% of the young penguins return, down from 50% in the 1970s. Read more here, here or here.


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