A Better Way to Teach?

I am a teacher and I make podcasts for my students to listen to for homework so that we can spend class time asking and answering questions. I have my students think like scientists and puzzle out problems during class instead of listening to me lecture them.

A new study shows that students learn much better through an active, iterative process that involves working through their misconceptions with fellow students and getting immediate feedback from the instructor.

Basically it seems I am on the right track, possibly not interesting to you, but I’m encouraged by the findings. Learn more here or here.



One Response to “A Better Way to Teach?”

  1. Simon Tatt Says:

    Well done Mr Barlow! I believe your teaching method is the way forwards.
    Thank you so much for creating this site. The information that you share here helps me to learn more about this amazing world and I believe that that is one of the main reasons for humans existing on this planet. Knowledge and the acceptance and understanding of all of this life`s facets.

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