The Blanket Octopus

Blanket Octopus is the common name used to describe four species of octopus belonging to the Tremoctopus genus. The four species are the Common Blanket Octopus, Gelatinous Blanket Octopus, Palmate Octopus, and Tremoctopus Robsoni. They are called so because of the webbing connecting their dorsal and dorsolateral arms, which resembles a large flowing blanket.

The “blanket” is a defense mechanism, and a handy one too, as Blanket Octopuses do not have ink to ward off predators. Instead, the Blanket Octopus will unfurl its blanket, making it look significantly larger and intimidating, with the intention of scaring off whatever threatens it.

Learn more about some of the oceans’ oddest creatures here.


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