Where the last Neanderthals lived

A hardy band of Neanderthals may have made a last stand for their species at a remote outpost in subarctic Russia, a newfound prehistoric “tool kit” suggests.

Neanderthals dominated Europe for some 200,000 years until modern humans began moving into the region about 45,000 years ago. The two human species likely shared space for a while, but it’s a mystery what happened during that period, how long it lasted, and why Homo sapiens prevailed in the end.

The dating of butchered mammoth bones and sand grains that surrounded the tools suggests the settlement was last occupied about 33,000 years ago. Both types of artifacts were radiocarbon dated. By 33,000 years ago, all or most Neanderthals are believed to have died out. The newly discovered tools match those made and used by many Neanderthals. So the site may be where the very last Neanderthals lived. Read more here.


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