In search of happiness

We already know lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots about happiness.

One of the greatest myths in our society is that happiness will come from more possessions, bigger houses, faster cars, just more stuff. And that comes from and is propagated and reinforced one thousand times every day by advertising and marketing. That’s what those industries are built on: encouraging people to buy more.

Research that has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation finds that people are happier when they invest their time and energy in having a healthy diet low in sugar; doing at least one hour of exercise seven days a week; spending quality time on meaningful relationships; focusing on loving connections (this might be with a person, animal or through spirituality or nature); and learning to pay attention with all five senses.

When relating money to happiness:

  • Earn it through a job you are passionate about.
  • Take your focus away from earning money and on to other things (such as quality relationships, healthy diet or exercise) and you will be more creative, productive and efficient and might earn more as a result.
  • Spend on experiences rather than ”stuff”.
  • Give some away.
  • Spend on a higher number of smaller purchases rather than a small number of big buys.

The full article is a good happiness summary.



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