How to win at rock, paper, scissors.

To win at rock, paper, scissors try closing your eyes. It could help you to control an unconscious urge to imitate your opponent.

Scientists asked 45 adults to play rounds of the game with either one or both players blindfolded. There were significantly more draws when one player was sighted, but when someone did win, it was more often a blindfolded player than a sighted one.

They found that sighted players often gestured around 200 milliseconds after the blindfolded opponent, and this reflects an automatic urge to imitate others. This speed of this type of imitation is beyond our control and shows we are rapidly influenced by those around us.

Scientists devised this study because they were interested in the idea that we all automatically and unconsciously imitate one another. There’s plenty of evidence that we do indeed copy one another, from obvious gestures like touching our face to subtle movements like tensing our muscles. Learn more herehere or here.


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  1. Classic Says:

    Fantastic post, and amusingly infomative

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