Know thy brother

Why is there religious conflict? Why are some people racist? Science has the answer!

Sometimes when you meet a person you feel that they are similar to you in some way and other times when you meet someone you think they are dissimilar. Apparently you think about people who are similar to you using an area of the brain called the ventral medial prefrontal cortex (vMPFC). Interestingly this is the same area of the brain you use to think about yourself. As a result you feel more positive towards people when you use your vMPFC.

The more you consider the other person like yourself, the more you empathize with them. Unfortunately, if you don’t think a person is like you it is likely that you will use social stereotypes to judge them. And social stereotypes are almost always wrong and can lead to conflict.

So if everyone just thought that all humans are the same (which we virtually are) it might put an end to world conflict … WOW! Read more here.


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