Synthetic sausages for dinner?

Who needs whole animals when you can grow burgers and sausages from their cells alone, in the lab – and do your bit for the environment too.

First we hunted animals for their meat. Then we developed ways to raise them on farms. Now we are on the verge of the next breakthrough. Within months labs could be growing synthetic meat for the table – and not just the usual steaks and burgers either. Meat from exotic animals could one day widen our culinary choices, for those adventurous enough to try.

Pig cells + horse foetal serum = synthetic sausage. That’s the formula for growing meat in a Petri dish.

The environmental impacts are so much lower too, these synthetic meats would need 99 per cent less land than beef farming. Learn more here or here.



One Response to “Synthetic sausages for dinner?”

  1. Natalie Hunter Says:

    I am much more on board for this than meat made from fecal matter or bug meat. I wonder what this tastes like though- I haven’t heard good things about horse meat, but not too many people don’t like pork.

    Unrelatedly, do you accept guest posts for your blog? I would’ve emailed you but I can’t seem to find your contact info. Drop me a line at nataliehntr86 at gmail, thanks!

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