Unit 4 Biology … the app!

Joining the ‘Unit 1 Biology‘ and ‘Unit 2 Biology‘ apps, ‘Unit 4 Biology‘ has just hit the app store! If you are studying Unit 4 Biology, download it NOW!

‘Unit 4 Biology’ is the essential tool for students completing their study of Biology and a superb educational resource for anyone wanting to advance their knowledge of life and living organisms.

‘Unit 4 Biology’ contains:

– 8 podcasts covering genetics and evolution.

– A comprehensive Unit summary document; so you can learn, read and revise the important biological concepts on the go.

– A flash card revision tool containing over 70 important concepts.

– A help menu to ensure you get the most out of the app experience.

– The latest news in Biology and general Science.

– An ever-increasing collection of Biology and Science songs.

‘Unit 4 Biology’ lets you study Biology at your own pace, whenever you need to, wherever you are.



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