South Korean government wants students to stop studying so hard!

Can’t get your students motivated enough to study? Not a problem in South Korea – in fact, they have the opposite problem: their students study too much.

How much? Let’s say that the problem is so bad that the government started raiding study halls to stop students from studying. No, seriously.

Cramming is deeply embedded in Asia, where top grades — and often nothing else — have long been prized as essential for professional success. Modern-day South Korea has taken this competition to new extremes. In 2010, 74% of all students engaged in some kind of private after-school instruction.

From a distance, South Korea’s results look enviable. Its students consistently outperform their counterparts in almost every country in reading and math. But the country’s leaders worry that unless its rigid, hierarchical system starts to nurture more innovation, economic growth will stall — and fertility rates will continue to decline as families feel the pressure of paying for all that tutoring. Learn more here.



2 Responses to “South Korean government wants students to stop studying so hard!”

  1. mohsingilani Says:

    wow , S korea seems nice place for poor students 🙂

  2. Mewan Gunasekara Says:

    Their parent’s and teacher’s pressure plays a big role in too much studying!

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