Your brain rejects negative thoughts

Good news: your brain is hardwired for good news.
Bad news: your brain is hardwired for good news.

Why don’t people stop smoking even after hearing bazillion public service messages that doing so will give them cancer?

Neuroscientists have the answer: it’s because the human brain rejects negative thoughts (and yes, sometimes to the detriment of the brain’s host).

Smoking kills messages don’t work as people think their chances of cancer are low. The divorce rate is 50%, but people don’t think it’s the same for them. There is a very fundamental bias in the brain. Learn more here.



3 Responses to “Your brain rejects negative thoughts”

  1. envisioningutopia Says:

    Interesting, I know that if you study any Media Psychology there are numerous theories about why we don’t want to hear bad news. Which particular area of the brain is it? as a biological psych fiend I’d be interested to know as we are currently covering positive Psych

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