Exercise to do better on the test

Primary school students who exercise regularly are more likely to have higher test scores in numeracy and writing, according to a landmark study.

Primary schools with the top test scores also have the highest level of physical activity among their students, including participation in after-school sport.

Another study shows children who are taught physical education by a specialist PE teacher have much higher test results in numeracy and writing than students whose PE lessons are taught by generalist classroom teachers in primary schools.

These findings are strong evidence for policymakers that specialist physical education in schools is not just important from the perspective of preventative medicine but it is also associated with improving the academic development of children. Learn more here.

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One Response to “Exercise to do better on the test”

  1. arwin Says:

    I am sure if primary schools employed specialist Maths teachers rather than general teachers who have no affinity for the development of Maths in those formative years we could see an even better improvement on numeracy skills.

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