Happy people live longer

We already know lots and

lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots

and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots about happiness.

Happy people don’t just enjoy life; they’re likely to live longer, too. A new study has found that those in better moods were 35% less likely to die in the next 5 years when taking their life situations into account.

In the study of the 924 people who reported the least positive feelings, 7.3%, or 67, died within 5 years. For people with the most positive feelings, the rate fell in half, to 3.6%, or 50 of 1399 people. Of course, it’s possible that people who died sooner weren’t as chipper because they were deathly ill or because of any number of other factors that affect both mortality and mood. The researchers adjusted for age, sex, demographic factors such as wealth and education, signs of depression, health (including whether they’d been diagnosed with major diseases), and health behaviors such as smoking and physical activity. Even with those adjustments, the risk of dying in the next 5 years was still 35% lower for the happiest people. Learn more here.



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