Impending food shortage?

Glaciers are huge chunks of ice that can be found all over the world. They melt a bit in summer and get a bit smaller, then they freeze a bit in winter and get a bit bigger. Overall though, glaciers are getting smaller and smaller due to climate change. For example have a look at this photo which shows a glacier in Montana in 1913 and the same glacier in 2005:


The GangesYellow and Yangtze Rivers in India and China are fed by rains during the monsoon season, but during the dry season they depend heavily on meltwater from glaciers in the Himalayas. The dry season is precisely when water is needed most to irrigate the rice and wheat crops on which hundreds of millions of people depend for their food.

Unfortunately, the irrigation water vital for these grain crops that feed China and India is at risk of drying up, as global warming melts the glaciers that feed Asia’s biggest rivers.

This is not just going to affect the populations of India and China. 60% of Pakistan’s people depend on grain irrigated by the Indus river, which is also dependent on meltwater from Himalayan glaciers.

To put it bluntly, the world has never faced such a predictably massive threat to food production as that posed by the melting mountain glaciers of Asia. If the glaciers melt away to nothing then hundreds of millions of people are going to be facing very severe food shortages! Learn more here.


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