Earth is losing weight

Taking into account human spacecraft going up and cloaked alien ships coming down, is the Earth gaining or losing mass? Some scientists have accounted for all of the material leaving and arriving on Earth.

Overall, they have calculated that the Earth – including the sea and the atmosphere – is losing mass. They points to a handful of reasons.

For instance, the Earth’s core is like a giant nuclear reactor that is gradually losing energy over time, and that loss in energy translates into a loss of mass.

But this is a tiny amount – no more than 16 tonnes a year.

And what about launching rockets and satellites into space, like Phobos-Grunt? Scientists discount this as most of it will fall back down to Earth again.

But there is something else that is making the planet lose mass. Gases such as hydrogen are so light, they are escaping from the atmosphere.

The conclusion is that the Earth loses 50,000 metric tonnes each year. Fortunately, compared to the immense size of the world, this is a tiny difference, a loss of just 0.000000000000001%. It would take trillions of years to empty the earth’s oceans and since the planet is only about 5 billion years old, there is nothing to worry about. Learn more here.



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