Wanna live forever?

‘Immortality’ is a word that has great significance in human life. No matter what other achievements science can stake claim to (and there are many amazing ones, no doubt), the ability to control death is not one of them. Sure we have been able to extend life spans, but can we really beat death? Can man become immortal and can he live forever? It seems hard to believe that we can control the life-giving force. Yet, of all things that science will ever achieve, this could be the shining crown jewel. What will happen if and when labs get a hold of the ability to make us immortal and is such power even a welcome one, is a debate for another day. One thing is for sure and that is science will not stop trying. It might fail and fail endlessly in its quest to make man immortal. Time for our civilization and species might run out before we find out the answers. But the pursuit of nature’s biggest mystery- the secret of life and in essence, the ability to conquer death will continue. And here are a few alluring possibilities.

Nanotechnology to repair our cells: The idea is to have machines that use nanotechnology to flow through our body and repair our damaged and aging cell endlessly to ensure that death is never a possibility.

Biological Immortality: Researchers have been studying a species of flatworm that seems to have an amazing ability to repair its cells and replace the old ones with new ones that do not age. Could we make this happen in humans?

Cybernetic Immortality: The idea here is to try and transfer your thoughts and consciousness into the virtual world and ensure that you live forever as a virtual presence.

Immortality Enzyme: In 2009 a team of scientists discovered an enzyme that can effectively control and even reverse aging in human cells.

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