SMSing does not affect children’s use of grammar

Children who use ‘text speak’ when sending messages on their mobile phones do not have a poor grasp of grammar, a study has shown.

Researcher assessed the spelling, grammar, understanding of English and IQ of primary and secondary schoolchildren and compared those skills with a sample of their text messages.

There was no evidence of any significant relationships between poor grammar in text messages and their understanding of written or spoken grammar.

The results will reassure parents who may have feared that text speak was eroding their child’s grasp of English. Learn more here.


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One Response to “SMSing does not affect children’s use of grammar”

  1. ashanam Says:

    That’s interesting, because just a few weeks ago, I read of the results of a study that said it did. Correlation was looked for in a different way: number of text messages was correlated with not being able to recognize or correct errors in grammar. I guess we’ll just have to see. (I wish I could remember where I saw the report published.)

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