Bugs live in the pores of our facial skin !!!

There are tiny bugs closely related to spiders living in the pores of your face. They have long been considered mere passengers, doing no harm beyond upsetting the squeamish. But they may be causing an ancient skin disease that is estimated to affect between 5 and 20 per cent of people worldwide, and 16 million in the US alone.

People aged between 30 and 60, especially women, sometimes develop rosacea: red inflamed skin, with swelling, roughness and fine, visible blood vessels, usually in the central zone of the face. Severe cases can resemble acne, irritate the eyes and lead to the bulbous red nose seen in caricatures of the elderly.

Scientists now think they have discovered the cause ….

Tiny mites – eight-legged arachnids related to spiders – live in the pores of our facial skin. They are particularly fond of the hair follicles of eyebrows and eyelashes, and the oily pores most common on the nose, forehead and cheeks. Called Demodex, the mites eat sebum, or facial oil, and colonise your face at puberty.

They crawl about your face in the dark to mate, then crawl back into pores to lay their eggs and die. Healthy adults have around one or two mites per square centimetre of facial skin. People with rosacea, however, can have 10 times as many, says Kavanagh. Research suggests that the stress that causes flare-ups of rosacea changes the chemicals in sebum, making it better food for mites. Learn more here.


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One Response to “Bugs live in the pores of our facial skin !!!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Could a relative of these mites or perhaps mites that may have been genetically mutated by big agro to kill crop insects or something now exist? I am having similar symptoms to demodex mites,although I was always under the impression that they were microscopic? I am able to see these mites with my naked eye and some of them seem like they are ably to fly around. I have seen small round white biting mites that possibly grow into a pepper flake like flying mite. they seem to like cotton and often times will reproduce in your clothing. They are also very fond of hair follicles. It seems like any larger pour openinging they will go into. Espeicialy the center of the face,like where the nose meets the cheeks,the nose itself,and inbetweem the eyebrows as well as the eyebrows itself. They are also night creatures as well. I have been dealing with this living hell for abut two months now and most of the medical profession is telling me it i all in my head? And by the way I don’t think it is that supposed weird morgellons thing. It has to be caused by something in the body not being balanced to to acidic? From researching the web mites infesting people seem to be on a major upswing and some people are predicting it to be the next pandemic. Any deas?
    Thankj you.

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