Take breaks to learn more

Forget what your teachers said, practice doesn’t make perfect.

At least it doesn’t when you practise over and over again without a break.

Scientists have found learning improves when students take a rest from continuous study or training.

It seems intuitive that every minute of study should make you better, but, actually, if you do too much it might backfire and you end up wasting time.

When learning something new the brain must convert a short-term memory into a long term memory for the skill to persist. While scientists have known this process of memory consolidation occurs during sleep, this is the first time to show it can also happen when awake. Learn more here.


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2 Responses to “Take breaks to learn more”

  1. McCracken Love Says:

    You’re exactly right. I always tell my students to study for about 20 minutes and take a 5-10 minute break. It helps them a lot!


  2. Study, Study, Break, Study - That's what SHE said Says:

    […] Source […]

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