Why We Tolerate Obvious Inequality

Why do we tolerate inequality? The answer, according to a new study, is for the slight chance to prosper.

It seems that even if people believe they have just the tiniest of chances to become the next Bill Gates, it’s enough to keep them tolerant of obvious inequality.

When you look at it rationally, it makes no sense that people are placing such a disproportionate value on such small chances such as a one percent increase in opportunity. But a slight increase in fairness seems to have some kind of symbolic meaning. It appears people are happy to accept extreme inequality when they have this tiny carrot dangled in front of them. Learn more here.



One Response to “Why We Tolerate Obvious Inequality”

  1. Nrojb Says:

    Somewhat relevant, and just as confusing:

    We just had a record setting lottery of 580 million us dollars here in the states.

    The same electorate that complains about taxes being too high and the government fleecing us, were somehow able to give away $1 billion+ for, as you said, the tiniest carrot imaginable.

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