A message from Space

The story tells about a group of pioneer astronauts, working on the ISS to open a Gateway to space for all humankind. Their voices, crackling with the static, tell us their story of exploration while a day passes on Earth, from dawn to sunset. They are aware that what they are building can’t be of any use for mankind until people on Earth understand that they must think without borders, promoting cooperation between nations, as the astronauts learnt by working together and by watching our Planet from above.

The astronauts send their wishes to the people down on Earth, their last thoughts fading out as they are flying above an aurora borealis and the lights of European cities.

Then, suddenly, a burst of light: the Gateway to Space is opened.

The ISS gains speed, flying faster and faster to the stars, the astronauts ready to leave our planet, which they see getting smaller and spinning faster and faster, melting borders, oceans and people together, ready to follow them, Further Up Yonder.


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