Rubber bands vs Water Melon

Isaac Newton was a smart guy. He discovered heaps of things including the law’s of motion.

Newton’s second law of motion states that F = ma, this means that the force something applies is equal to it’s mass multiplied by its acceleration.

Now that we have got the Science out of the way … In the tradition of ‘Killer Whale vs Seal‘, ‘Lion vs Buffalo vs Crocodile‘, ‘Shark vs Octopus‘, ’Leopard vs Porcupine‘, ‘Hornets vs Honey bees‘, ’Salmon vs Grizzly Bear‘, ‘Hippopotamus vs Crocodile’, ‘Polar Bear vs Walrus Colony’, ‘Giraffe vs Giraffe‘ and ‘Caterpillar vs Frog‘ and ‘Frog vs Poison Newt’, here is ‘Rubber bands vs Water Melon’:



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