Astonishing New Species Discovered in 2012

Earth is a big place. Even with our billion-dollar satellites and high-tech monitoring equipment, we are still discovering new species on land and at sea.

For example, the iridescent blue Pterinopelma sazimai, commonly known as “Sazima’s Tarantula,” was found in Brazil.

Pterinopelma sazimai

On average, scientists identify 36 new mammals every year. And the ocean is an even more mysterious place. Two-thirds of marine species remain unknown — a huge number, considering between 700,000 and one million species live in oceans.

In 2012, we met some new species currently sharing the Earth with us — a gorgeous blue tarantula and a sneezing monkey, to name a couple. Learn more here.


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4 Responses to “Astonishing New Species Discovered in 2012”

  1. GiacJr Says:


  2. mikemewz Says:

    Possible new spider species…

  3. Todd Says:

    call it the bootleg spider

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