Pouring Lava on Ice Looks Totally Awesome

There are more than 200 volcanoes currently covered by ice and snow, but researchers point out that observing eruptions of snow-covered volcanoes is difficult due to the typical remoteness of the sites.

To learn more they did some real-time experiments, melting over 300 kg of lava and pouring it over ice:

The research found that lava didn’t always just melt through the ice, and flow under the surface. When lava was poured directly onto densely packed ice, the lava was able to flow over the simulated glacier at rates of tens of centimeters a second, lubricated by a layer of steam. Learn more here.



One Response to “Pouring Lava on Ice Looks Totally Awesome”

  1. Mrs. Geek Says:

    This is awesome!

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