A Blue Alien World Discovered

Scientists have for the first time discerned the true color of an exoplanet. The world (HD 189733 b), which orbits a star about 63 light-years from Earth, is a beautiful azure blue, but that’s not because it sports inviting turquoise oceans. In fact, it’s a huge gas giant where 1000°C, 7000-kilometer-per-hour winds are thought to be laced with silicate particles, which scatter blue light back into space. So, in essence, the planet is a howling blast furnace where it rains sand and glass.

HD 189733b

Learn more here or here.



One Response to “A Blue Alien World Discovered”

  1. Mrs. Geek Says:

    I also wrote about this awesome news! I’ve always loved astronomy and discoveries in space. I cannot fathom the winds and glass rain that occurs on that planet. Pretty cool!

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