‘Safe’ levels of sugar harmful to mice

Too much sugar is bad for you, but how much, exactly, is too much? A study in mice has found that the animals’ health and ability to compete can be harmed by a diet that has sugar levels equivalent to what many people currently consume.

High-sugar diets are associated not only with obesity and diabetes, but also with other human conditions such as coronary heart disease.


Scientists gave mice a sugar diet not dissimilar to many humans. After 26 weeks on this sugar binge, the mice were released into a large habitat that mimicked their natural environment and were left to compete for food and territory with an equal number of control mice that had been fed a healthy diet. The sugar-eaters did not fare well. Over the 32-week duration of the experiment, sugar-fed females died at nearly twice the rate of control females and the males controlled about one-quarter less territory and had one-quarter fewer offspring than their control counterparts. Learn more here.



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