50 metre Giant Squid

The largest giant squid ever found turned out to be ……..


…. A HOAX!!!

Reminds me of this awesome huge skeleton.

Learn more here.



One Response to “50 metre Giant Squid”

  1. Charles Munroe Says:

    Mr. Barlow:
    Many thanks for your assistance in my effort to gain permission to use illustrations of early life in the sea. I have found other illustrations that are in the public domain and have used them.
    My book ‘The Evolution of Genesis’ is finished and I would like to send you a copy as an e-mail attachment. How do I go about doing this? The book exposes creationist claims to be based on pseudo-science. Bill Nye in his debate with Ken Ham began to use one of my experiments to refute the idea that there was a worldwide flood of Noah but sadly failed to carry on to the conclusion.
    Best regards, Charles Munroe

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