This is NOT a snake

Imagine that you’re a hungry predator foraging through the forest, hot on the trail of a juicy insect for your next meal. Deep in the forest, you pull back a leaf, and this creature starts wagging violently at you, sending you running for the hills:

Dynastor-darius pupa

The joke’s on you, because this frightening creature is most definitely NOT a snake. It’s actually a pupa (not a caterpillar, not yet a butterfly), ensconced in its chrysalis as it undergoes its remarkable transformation.

Dynastor darius is obviously a master of disguise, but it has more tricks up its sleeve besides its scary exterior … the pupa is still aware of the world outside of its chrysalis, and can shake from side to side (like a moving snake) to fend off the predator that wasn’t sufficiently spooked by its exterior. Learn more here.



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