The Problem With Invisibility Is The Blindness

Invisibility is one of those science fiction superpowers, along with flight or super speed, that almost everyone has at least dreamt of having. In our current age, with the emerging science of metamaterials, invisibility seems closer than ever to becoming a reality. But there is still one problem: if a person achieved true, perfect invisibility, they would probably be blind!


In terms of invisibility our best hope yet of one day disappearing entirely is by bending light around us.

To get light to bend around a space or object and seamlessly come back together on the other end is no easy feat. But even if we could do it, there’s another problem. You’d be invisible to others, sure, but you couldn’t see anything.

Since your vision is based on the light rays that enters your eyes, if all of these rays were diverted around someone under an invisibility cloak, the effect would be like being covered in a thick blanket. Total darkness. Learn more here.



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