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Due to recent changes in Apple’s App Store requirements the apps below have been removed from the App Store – I was unable to dedicate the time required to update them with the latest technology.

They were good while it lasted!

If you have any questions, comments or problems with any of my apps please leave a comment below and I will try and help.

To download one of my apps, just click the app icon below to be taken to the iTunes App Store.



Each app contains:

– A series of podcasts covering the entire unit.
– A Unit summary document; so you can read and revise the important biological concepts on the go.
– A flash card revision tool containing over 50 important concepts in each app.
– A help menu to ensure you get the most out of the app experience.
– The latest news in Biology and general Science.
– An ever-increasing collection of Biology and Science songs.

The questions in both the Unit 1 and 2 apps are a reference to this textbook:
Heinemann Biology 1

The questions in both the Unit 3 and 4 apps reference this textbook:
Nature of Biology Book 2


Mr. Barlow

13 Responses to “App Support”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Hi, I purchased the unit 3 biology app from the app store of my ipad, but I am unable to look at the notes section, there are no notes in the notes tab; there is only the title page. The rest of the app seems to work. What should I do?

    • Mr. Barlow Says:

      Hi Sophie.
      In the Notes tab, tap the blue text in the middle of the screen that says “Unit 3 Biology Summary Notes”.
      I hope this helps.
      Mr. Barlow

  2. Sophie Says:

    Yep, I got it! Thankyou.
    The app is amazing, its really helping me get ready for year 12 Biol!
    Thanks once again,

  3. Sam Says:

    Hey, I’m absolutely loving your apps. Im going through them atm as I will be beeding to do units three and four biol as a pre-req for a degree im hopefully getting into next year (2013 [ thanks to the article you posted im confident ill still be alive then lol.])
    I have one question, dumb as it may be, in the study notes there often appears questions eg. ” questions 1-4 p9″ does this refer to the current vce biology school books, or am i missing something?

    Thanks for the great apps 🙂

  4. Lucy Says:

    hey just wondering if im doing stage 3AB biology in Western Australia which one should i be purchasing ? stage 3 or 4? or both?

    • Mr. Barlow Says:

      Hi Lucy,

      Each Biology course is different and has different topics covered at different times.

      From a quick look at the documentation for Unit 3AB in Western Australia I would say that my Unit 3 App would be the most relevant (maybe coupled with my Unit 2 App).

      I hope this helps,
      Mr. Barlow

  5. anne Says:

    Are these units based on the Victorian Unit Standards, Australia?

    With Unit 1 covering all about cell multiplication, reproduction, classification, digestive system etc.

  6. anne Says:

    Alright thank you so much… I am just about to buy this now

  7. Lizzie Says:

    Hi! I would fist like to say that your app has helped me so much! Ive got the unit 3 one at the moment and i am wondering if, since i have purchased the app, if there is a way for me to download the summary notes? I preffer things in a printable version to highlight and anotate thats all 🙂
    Totally fine if you dont do this/cant!!
    Thanks again for all your help! Love the podcasts too!

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