App Support

I hope my apps are assisting your studies! If you have any questions, comments or problems with any of my apps please leave a comment below and I will try and help.

To download one of my apps, just click the app icon below to be taken to the iTunes App Store.



Each app contains:

– A series of podcasts covering the entire unit.
– A Unit summary document; so you can read and revise the important biological concepts on the go.
– A flash card revision tool containing over 50 important concepts in each app.
– A help menu to ensure you get the most out of the app experience.
– The latest news in Biology and general Science.
– An ever-increasing collection of Biology and Science songs.

The questions in both the Unit 1 and 2 apps are a reference to this textbook:
Heinemann Biology 1

The questions in both the Unit 3 and 4 apps reference this textbook:
Nature of Biology Book 2


Mr. Barlow

13 Responses to “App Support”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Hi, I purchased the unit 3 biology app from the app store of my ipad, but I am unable to look at the notes section, there are no notes in the notes tab; there is only the title page. The rest of the app seems to work. What should I do?

    • Mr. Barlow Says:

      Hi Sophie.
      In the Notes tab, tap the blue text in the middle of the screen that says “Unit 3 Biology Summary Notes”.
      I hope this helps.
      Mr. Barlow

  2. Sophie Says:

    Yep, I got it! Thankyou.
    The app is amazing, its really helping me get ready for year 12 Biol!
    Thanks once again,

  3. Sam Says:

    Hey, I’m absolutely loving your apps. Im going through them atm as I will be beeding to do units three and four biol as a pre-req for a degree im hopefully getting into next year (2013 [ thanks to the article you posted im confident ill still be alive then lol.])
    I have one question, dumb as it may be, in the study notes there often appears questions eg. ” questions 1-4 p9″ does this refer to the current vce biology school books, or am i missing something?

    Thanks for the great apps 🙂

  4. Lucy Says:

    hey just wondering if im doing stage 3AB biology in Western Australia which one should i be purchasing ? stage 3 or 4? or both?

    • Mr. Barlow Says:

      Hi Lucy,

      Each Biology course is different and has different topics covered at different times.

      From a quick look at the documentation for Unit 3AB in Western Australia I would say that my Unit 3 App would be the most relevant (maybe coupled with my Unit 2 App).

      I hope this helps,
      Mr. Barlow

  5. anne Says:

    Are these units based on the Victorian Unit Standards, Australia?

    With Unit 1 covering all about cell multiplication, reproduction, classification, digestive system etc.

  6. anne Says:

    Alright thank you so much… I am just about to buy this now

  7. Lizzie Says:

    Hi! I would fist like to say that your app has helped me so much! Ive got the unit 3 one at the moment and i am wondering if, since i have purchased the app, if there is a way for me to download the summary notes? I preffer things in a printable version to highlight and anotate thats all 🙂
    Totally fine if you dont do this/cant!!
    Thanks again for all your help! Love the podcasts too!

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