A big chunk of sodium metal thrown in a river

May 13, 2016

Sodium reacts strongly with water, according to the following chemical reaction:

2Na(s) + 2H2O → 2NaOH(aq) + H2(g)

A colourless solution is formed, consisting of strongly alkalic sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and hydrogen gas. This is an exothermic reaction. Sodium metal is heated and may ignite and burn with a characteristic orange flame. Hydrogen gas released during the burning process reacts strongly with oxygen in the air.

Don’t try this at home …

What If Jupiter Never Existed?

May 11, 2016

Is Jupiter ultimately responsible for preserving life on Earth?

The craziest jellyfish I’ve ever seen

May 1, 2016

So this is what you can see if you happen to be about 3,700 meters below sea level …

A – MAZ – ING !!!

We can reprogram life. How to do it wisely

April 25, 2016

For four billion years, what lived and died on Earth depended on two principles: natural selection and random mutation. Then humans came along and changed everything — hybridizing plants, breeding animals, altering the environment and even purposefully evolving ourselves.

Octopus vs Octopus

April 13, 2016

In the tradition of ‘Killer Whale vs Seal‘, ‘Lion vs Buffalo vs Crocodile‘, ‘Shark vs Octopus‘, ’Leopard vs Porcupine‘, ‘Hornets vs Honey bees‘, ’Salmon vs Grizzly Bear‘, ‘Hippopotamus vs Crocodile’, ‘Polar Bear vs Walrus Colony’, ‘Giraffe vs Giraffe‘, ‘Caterpillar vs Frog‘, ‘Frog vs Poison Newt’, ‘Rubber bands vs Water Melon’,  ‘Sarcastic fringehead vs Sarcastic fringehead’, ‘Jaguar vs Crocodile‘, ‘Snake vs Crocodile‘, ‘Centipede vs Snake‘, ‘Moray Eel vs White Tip Reef Shark‘ and ‘Rabbit vs Snake‘ here is ‘Octopus vs Octopus’:

I can’t even tell who won !!?!

Is radiation dangerous?

March 16, 2016

When we hear the word radiation, it’s tempting to picture huge explosions and frightening mutations. But that’s not the full story — radiation also applies to rainbows and a doctor examining an X-ray. So what is it, really, and how much should we worry about its effects?

The Problem With Invisibility Is The Blindness

March 12, 2016

Invisibility is one of those science fiction superpowers, along with flight or super speed, that almost everyone has at least dreamt of having. In our current age, with the emerging science of metamaterials, invisibility seems closer than ever to becoming a reality. But there is still one problem: if a person achieved true, perfect invisibility, they would probably be blind!


In terms of invisibility our best hope yet of one day disappearing entirely is by bending light around us.

To get light to bend around a space or object and seamlessly come back together on the other end is no easy feat. But even if we could do it, there’s another problem. You’d be invisible to others, sure, but you couldn’t see anything.

Since your vision is based on the light rays that enters your eyes, if all of these rays were diverted around someone under an invisibility cloak, the effect would be like being covered in a thick blanket. Total darkness. Learn more here.

Fix up the real reality

March 4, 2016

Another great Joy of Tech comic ….

Fix up the real reality.png

The case for optimism on climate change

February 28, 2016

Check out yet another great talk by Al Gore. There is hope on climate change …

The Chemistry of Lighting a Match

February 27, 2016

The process takes merely tenths of a second. But within that tiny amount of time, there’s a lot going on. The American Chemical Society used a high-speed camera operating a 4,000 frames a second to illustrate the sequence of chemical reactions that take place when a match is struck against a striker. The simple match is a marvelously complex device.


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